We provide translation, interpretation and sworn translation services for individual and corporate clients in all popular languages.


We have gained experience in translations from almost every field of medicine and pharmacy: psychiatry, pharmacology, surgery, cardiology, oncology, neurology, anaesthesiology to clinical toxicology. We also translate legal, business and humanities texts.


We provide many translations for treatment abroad.


We translate scientific and book publications, therapeutic/treatment programmes, descriptions of diagnostic tests, treatment information sheets.


We provide numerous translations for the Ministry of Health, government agencies, including the National Bureau for Drug Prevention, the Polish Agency for the Solution of Alcohol Problems, medical and pharmaceutical companies and medical universities.


In order to ensure the highest quality of translations, we also cooperate with renowned scientific reviewers, language editors, national consultants and proofreaders.



We offer a number of professional translations. We translate documents and texts that require high level of specialist knowledge, including:


  •     scientific publications in the field of medicine, law, business and humanities
  •     civil law contracts, cooperation agreements
  •     trade contracts,
  •     agreements for the conduct of clinical trials,
  •     documentation and clinical trial protocols,
  •     results of imaging and laboratory tests,
  •     disease history,
  •     patient informed consent forms,
  •     excerpts from a hospital or clinic with epicrisis,
  •     referrals to research,
  •     sick leave,
  •     instructions for medical equipment,
  •     information on medicines and information for patients,
  •     leaflets and brochures for patients,
  •     marketing texts related to the medical market.


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