Our mission is to help people with addictions.

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We carry out our mission through activities aimed at improving competences of addictions specialists and clinicians, thus contributing to the improvement of humam mental health.


We specialize in the development and distribution of educational materials, IT solutions, and publications for health care professionals and goverment healthcare agencies. 


We provide Computer Based Training for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT4CBT). CBT4CBT™ - developed at Yale University - can help people stop or reduce use of drugs or alcohol when used as part of a treatment plan supervised by a healthcare professional. CBT4CBT has been tested and validated in more randomized clinical trials than any other program for substance use disorders. 


We cooperate with companies from the private sector (as part of CSR) as well as with institutions, units and government agencies


We want to share our vision with you, so we invite partners to work together.


Dolce Vita.... is a better life for all of us!


PhD Klaudia Martynowska -Board Member


Lecturer, proofreader


A graduate in psychology from Bedforshire University and East London in the UK


Doctor of psychology and academic researcher in Catholic University of Lublin


English language teacher and translator


International experience in strategic consulting for organizations in the field of management human resources


Many years of private psychological and training practice


Experience in implementing projects co-financed by the European Union - projects addressed to people at risk of social exclusion, people with disabilities and foster family members




Mateusz Jastrzębski - CEO


Project coordinator, editor-in-chief


Graduate of Applied Psychology at Bedfordshire University and Business Psychology at Westminister University in London.


International experience in the health sector


English translator


Accredited behavioural coach, at Behavioral Coaching Institute, London


Addiction therapist, conducts individual and group therapies, conducts adaptations of foreign addiction treatment programmes.


For many years he has been providing psychological, therapeutic and consulting solutions in the public and private sector.





Growth and better life

Fundacja Dolce Vita